Mobile Patient Portal / Video Visit

A mobile-compliant self-service application for patients, with an option to view medical history, EMR data, etc; and an application that enables video communication between the doctor and patient, which allows for remote diagnosis (and subsequent treatment) of a pre-defined set of illnesses.

Unique Patient Identifier System

Generate Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) using the following technologies.

  • Bar coding
  • Radiofrequency identification
  • Biometrics

Map UPI to legacy system generated patient ids and TPA provider ids

  • Record and View Patient
  • Treatment information
  • Prescription integrated
  • with Pharmacy
  • Order Management
  • Ward management
  • OT Management
  • Diet Management

Leads to decrease in

  • Medication errors
  • Transfusion errors
  • Testing errors
  • Wrong person procedures etc..

Major areas for patient misidentification

  • Drug administration
  • Blood transfusions
  • Surgical interventions etc..

Patient self-service Portals & Mobile Apps

Patient Self-Service connects patients with a consumer friendly, mobile-compatible self-service portal to schedule appointments, generate price estimates, update insurance information etc..

System Capabilities

  • Consolidated billing system dashboard for patient convenience
  • Single sign-on between Patient Self-Service and patient portal
  • Mobile compatible portal / Mobile Apps communicates with patients via secure email and/or SMS text, depending on preference

Key benefits for patients

  • Check doctor availability at any time
  • Make appointments and get token number allotment
  • Check for specialty services in the hospital
  • Access laboratory test results & Re print of in patient bills

Key benefits for Care Providers

  • Reduced workload for central enquiry section
  • Reduce patient wait time front office
  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Management can access operational reports online
  • Communicate schedule of consulting doctors

Data Driven Patient Care System Redesign & Rebuilding

Most of the current Healthcare information systems are expensive, fragmented, highly decentralized, and poorly ganized

A complete Healthcare Information system re-design is required to deliver high quality care that is accessible, safe, efficient, and effective.

Legacy Systems

  • Outdated
  • Provider-centric and uncoordinated

Redesigned Systems

  • Patient centered
  • Clinically integrated
  • Accountable and maximizes value for consumers.

Video Visit

Our proprietary video visit application is completely HIPAA-compliant, and secured with industry-grade encryption. This means that patients can communicate with care providers even over cellular networks. Our application is also mobile-friendly, with a built-in feature to record locally.

Our Video Visit app also has screenshare capabilities, which allow immediate sharing and marking up of results, scans, EHR data and other documents in real-time.